Pedestrian Management & Footway Closures

Temporary walkways in the carriageway ensuring wheelchairs or pushchairs to negotiate safely

Opus Traffic Management Solutions, have pedestrians safety in mind when planning any works that may affect a pedestrians route. We provide safe Pedestrian management solutions ensuring the pedestrians are safely diverted around any works areas or closed off footpath and footways.

We provide temporary walkways in the carriageway, with measures in place to enable people using wheelchairs or pushchairs to negotiate safely. Installations allow wheelchair and mobility scooter users to enter and exit a temporary walkway safely.

Any footways that we may have to close off will have suitable and safe alternatives by either providing, Pedestrian diversion routes, walkways in the carriageway using chapter 8 safety pedestrian barriers or the installation of pedestrian crossing systems.


Kenyon Junction,
Wilton Lane,
Culcheth. WA3 4BD.