Opus Traffic Management Solutions provides a professional, reliable, Traffic & Pedestrian Management service.

With Health & Safety at the forefront of our minds when planning our works, we ensure peace of mind for our clients and work confidently and safely.

Service you can rely on!

Our Services

Traffic Management Solutions

Temporary Traffic Light Systems

Opus Traffic Management Solutions provide and install Temporary Traffic Light Systems. Providing temporary solutions to allow you to carry out your works in a safe working environment.

Pedestrian Crossings Push Button Systems

Opus Traffic Management Solutions can incorporate Pedestrian crossings with push button systems within our Temporary Traffic Light System installations.

Lane and Road Closures and Diversions

We provide lane closures up to and above 40mph on dual carriageways & motorways ensuring the safety of both our customers workforce, the general public and other road users.

Pedestrian Management & Footway Closures

We provide safe Pedestrian management solutions ensuring the pedestrians are safely diverted around any work areas or closed footways.

Traffic Management CAD Plans

We produce professional traffic management plans which can be site specific and produced on OS tiles or provide generic plans.

Pedestrian Barrier and Equipment Hire

We supply & hire out Chapter 8 Traffic management equipment and Pedestrian barriers. If you have works on the footway or a public highway.


Opus Traffic Management Solutions offer a professional and reliable Traffic & Pedestrian
Management service.

Our experienced management team have over 25 years’ industry experience. During that time, we have planned and delivered multiple Traffic Management installations for daily works and long or short term schemes, for a wide variety of sectors. Including local authorities, utilities, Telecoms, drainage, construction, civil’s, surfacing and surveying.


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